Special Issue

IEEE-NEMS 2017 Special Issue for Micro & Nano Letters

Authors are invited to revise their IEEE-NEMS 2017 papers and submit them to Micro & Nano Letters for consideration for publication in the journal.  Your manuscript should be based on the IEEE-NEMS 2017 paper but must build significantly on it, with at least 30% of the submitted results representing new research. Additional text, figures and references are obligatory, and no passages of text or figures should be identical to your conference paper as this could breach IEEE copyright. A nearly exact duplicate of the conference paper will be rejected.

  • Submission deadline: June 11 2017
  • Notification of first decision: August 13 2017
  • Final notification of acceptance: September 31 2017
  • Publication: November 2017 (accepted individual papers will be published online ahead of the issue when ready)

More detailed information about Micro & Nano Letters is available at

Your paper should be submitted to the special issue via the Micro & Nano Letters online submission site (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/MNL) stating, when prompted, that the paper is for the IEEE-NEMS 2016 special issue.

Submission details, such as how to format your manuscript, can be found in the Micro & Nano Letters author guide:

If you have any further questions, please contact guest editor Prof. Gwo-Bin Vincent Lee at gwobin@pme.nthu.edu.tw.