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* Sendai Airport ↔ Sendai Station

You can take a train “Sendai airport access line” (

It takes about 30 minutes between the Sendai st. and the Sendai airport st.

Time table is here.    (

The price is 650 JPY.


* Narita International Airport ↔ Sendai Airport(domestic flight)

Between the Narita international airport and the Sendai airport, there are 2 flights per day.

ANA 3231 Narita(10:30) → Sendai(11:30)

ANA 3235 Narita(18.30) → Sendai(19:40)

ANA 3232 Sendai(07:45) → Narita(08:40)

ANA3234 Sendai(14:20) → Narita(15:25)

All Nippon Airways(ANA):

Narita Airport:

Sendai airport:


* Narita International Airport ↔ Sendai (using train)

There are two possible ways travel between the Narita international airport and Sendai station.

If you use JR Narita express(成田エクスプレス) and Shinkansen(新幹線), you change train at Tokyo station.

Ir you use Keisei sky liner(京成スカイライナー) and Shinkansen(新幹線), you change trains at Nippori and Ueno station.


* Sendai st. ↔ Matsushima Kaigan st.

Between Sendai st. and Matssushima kaigan st., you can use JR Senseki line(仙石線).

Caution: There are “Matsushima Station(松島駅)” and “Matsushima Kaigan Station(松島海岸駅)”. The “Matsushima Kaigan Station” is better for you.