Technical Tour

In the afternoon of 17 April, a technical tour will be organized at Tohoku University. At 14:00, the tour will start at L-Park Sendai. We will ride a bus and visit Micro/Nano-Machining Research and Education Center (MNC), Prof. Shuji Tanaka laboratory MEMS clean room and Jun-ichi Nishizawa Memorial Research Center, Tohoku University. You can visit distinctive MEMS facilities at Tohoku University. Don’t miss them!

We will come back to L-Park Sendai around 17:30. You can enjoy the welcome reception from 18:00 at Gallery Hall, 6th floor, L-Park Sendai.

Micro/Nano-Machining Research and Education Center (MNC)
MNC is the core facility for MEMS research at the university. More than 100 equipments are available in the 600 square meter clean room and other laboratories including metrology tools. 2 inch CMOS process line and 20 mm – 4 inch MEMS process line are organized in the clean room. In 2014, MNC celebrated 20th anniversary.




Prof. Shuji Tanaka laboratory MEMS clean room
This clean room is located next to MNC. A lot of homemade equipments are available in the 120 square meter clean room. Those equipments are dedicated to 20 mm size chip wafer process. You can see small but well-organized facility here. Original acitivity of MEMS R&D at Tohoku University lives.




Jun-ichi Nishizawa Memorial Research Center
More than 100 equipmetns for 4, 6 inch wafer process are available in the 1,800 square meter clean room. All of them are included in the Hands-on-access Fabrication Facility, where engineers from industry/university can easily access. More than 150 industry engineers have utilized this facility since 2010. The facility is a part of Nanofabrication Platform Consortium, Nanotechnology Platform, Japan.
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