Submission for Review

Authors should submit an abstract (2 pages) for review; however, if you wish to participate in the best paper contests (, you MUST submit a full paper (4 to 6 pages) for review.

Please click here to submit your abstract paper or full paper for review.

Author Submissions are now CLOSED
Late-news paper submission will be started soon.

You may follow the instructions to find IEEE conference templates in Two columns for the 2 pages abstract or the 4-6 pages full paper (The full paper should be a PDF file using A4 size papers. The templates and instructions for MS Word and LaTex can be found on the IEEE – Manuscript Template for Conference Proceedings page).

The title capitalization is required. Author List: The author names should be listed in the order of First Name, Middle Name or Initial (if any), and then Last (Sir) Name. DO NOT indicate any membership UNLESS the author is a member of the IEEE. Please try to use the entire 2-page space, i.e., give as much info as possible for your work. Figures need not be entirely in 1 page. Manuscript should NOT contain any 1) Page numbers; 2) Headers; 3) Footers. Figures: Ensure every figure in your abstract paper is clear enough. References: Follow to the template file for the reference citations of IEEE style.

Your may also download the following samples with several acceptable format variations for your reference.

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4
A very good example. A very good example but with some minor problems. A good example of Extended Summary but with some minor problems. A good example of Extended Summary where figures are not all in 1 page.