Oral/Poster Presentation

Instruction for Oral Presentations

In each oral presentation room, one projector will be available. The presenters should prepare Power Point Slides to facilitate their presentations. NO laptop will be provided in each meeting room. The presenters should bring their own laptop and test it before session start to avoid potential format problems caused by different software versions.

Duration for each category of oral presentation are listed below:
Plenary Lectures are scheduled for 50 minutes (including Q&A) each.
Invited Lectures are scheduled for 25 minutes (including Q&A) each.
Regular Sessions are scheduled for 15 minutes (3 minutes for Q&A) each.

Instructions for Poster Sessions

Poster session represents an effective and valuable means for authors to present their research results.
There are Poster Sessions in the afternoon at poster session’s room in the IEEE-NEMS 2016 conference.
Your poster SHOULD have the following dimensions:
A0 Size: 33.1 inches (84.1 cm) wide x 46.8 inches (118.9 cm) high.