Grand banquet and After-party with complimentary one night stay

The grand banquet is in Japanese traditional party “Enkai” style in a huge tatami room (Fig. 1).  We can enjoy a music show and a participatory event by a Sendai-local girl pop group “Iris” (Fig. 2).

After the grand banquet, you are recommended to move to after-party with your friends and colleagues in Japanese-style guest room (group room for 4 or 5 persons, Fig. 3), where you can stay overnight (futons are ready). Pre-registered (Type B) attendee will be assigned to one of the guest rooms according to your gender, affiliation etc. No request of room assignment is accepted, and please look forward to knowing your roommates at the conference. This Japanese-style hotel experience must help you to extend your network of researchers. A Japanese-style public bath is also enjoyable (Fig. 4). For the after-party, drinks and foods including local specialties will be prepared, and you can purchase what you like at the hotel store after tasting them. The tasting and sales corner will be also set up in the poster session on April 18.

The fee of the grand banquet is included in the advanced registration Type A fee. The fees of the grand banquet, after-party (i.e. complimentary one night stay with 3 or 4 friends in a Japanese-style guest room) and breakfast on April 19 are included in the advanced registration Type B fee. The information is subject to change.

Fig. 1: Banquet at a huge tatami room

Fig. 2: Sendai-local girl pop group “Iris

Fig. 3: Japanese-style guest room

Fig. 4: Japanese-style public open bath