IEEE-NEMS 2016 is held in Hotel Matsushima Taikanso, which is the largest Japanese-style resort hotel in Tohoku area. Also, Matsushima Bay is one of the three greatest views of Japan, and Cherry blossom (Sakura) in Matsushima Bay is really fantastic. Therefore, the organizing committee of IEEE-NEMS 2016 recommends attendees to enjoy staying in Hotel Matsushima Taikanso. Please visit the following website of Japan Ryokan Association to know how to enjoy Japanese-style hotels (Ryokan).

On the other hand, Hotel Matsushima Taikanso has a limited number of single, twin and double rooms, and the majority of rooms are for groups of 4 to 5 persons. There is basically no separation of smoking and non-smoking rooms, while all rooms are carefully deodorized.

Internet access service is not provided in guest rooms, if you need internet access during the conference, please consider to use pocket WiFi rental service (Application via the website is necessary in advance). For some business travelers, staying in Sendai downtown is convenient, because Sendai and Matsushima are connected by trains (Senseki Line and Tohoku Line) in about a half hour, and the conference provides complementary shuttle bus service between Matsushima Kaigan Station to Hotel Matsushima Taikanso.

For attendees with different preferences, schedules and conditions, the organizing committee of IEEE-NEMS 2016 suggests the following plans of hotel arrangement,

Recommended Hotel Arrangements


Continuous stay

* Twin, double and group rooms are available in Hotel Matsushima Taikanso. Each room can be booked for 2 night or longer stay at Accommodation Page. There is basically no non-smoking room. Internet access service is not available at guest rooms, but pocket Wifi rental service is available (Application via the website is necessary in advance). 

For attendees staying in Sendai, complementary shuttle buses are available from Matsushima Kaigan Station to Hotel Taikanso.


Reservation of Hotel Matsushima Taikanso

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Recommended hotels in Sendai downtown

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Access from Sendai to Matsushima, and Time Table of Trains and Shuttle Bus

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From Sendai to Matsushima (Train)