About Matsushima and Sendai


Matsushima city official web site: http://www.town.matsushima.miyagi.jp.e.ob.hp.transer.com/

Matschima sity sightseeing: http://www.matsushima-kanko.com/en/

Matsushima is one of the famous sight seeing spot in Japan.

“Matsu【松】” means pine and “shima【島】” means island.

There are about 260 small islands with pine trees.

The history of Matsushima is here.

In spring, you can also see the nice view of cherry blossoms.

You can see nice view of sunrise from sea horizon.

風景春 風景朝日



Sendai city official web site: http://www.city.sendai.jp/language/english.html

Sendai city sightseeing: http://www.spending-time-sendai.jp/?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/welcometosendai.japan

Sendai is a largest city in north-west part of Japan.

The famous Samurai “Masamune Date” laid the foundation of Sendai-city.

The history of Sendai city is here.